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Frequently Asked Questions


What water features can I use it with?

Any water feature that does not have aquatic animals or aquatic plants living inside of it. This includes features with both running water and static water.

How much time before I see results?

Anywhere from 3 days to a week depending on the hardness of your water.

Will it protect from effects of very hard water (i.e., water scaling)?

Yes it will protect the finish of your water feature from water scaling. For unusually hard water we recommend doubling the dosage. However, it will not eliminate existing water scaling or stains due to hard water.

Can I use it as a cleaner?

Yes. As explained on our How to Use page, if your water feature is dirty and heavily overrun with algae, apply once up to 5 times the dosage. You can expect to see results within 3 to 4 days.

Will it stain my water feature?

No it will not. If you experience blue stains it might be due to the product attaching to porous surfaces. This is easily fixed by gently scrubbing the area with a soft brush (e.g., a toothbrush).

Can I use it with indoor water features?

Yes. It will work exactly the same with indoor or outdoor water features.

Can I use it with saltwater features?

No. It is not effective in saltwater.

Is it safe for animals?

It is safe for pets including dogs and cats. They safely drink from your treated water feature. It is also safe for wildlife including birds, bees and any mammals that may drink from your water feature. However, it is not safe for aquatic animals, like fish and turtles.

Is it safe for plants?

It is safe for plants that may be near your water feature and get splashed on. You may also use the treated water on your garden or for watering your yard. However, it is not safe for aquatic plants, like water lilies.

Is it safe for contact with skin?

Once diluted in your water feature it is completely safe to touch. If you come into contact with the raw product, wash your hands with soap and water. Please see the MSDS for more information ›

Is it non toxic and/or child safe?

Once diluted in your water feature it is non toxic and child safe. However, the raw product should be kept away from children as it may be harmful. Please see the MSDS for more information ›

Can I use it with chlorine?

No, it is not to be used with chlorine or bleach. If chlorine or bleach is already present, drain and refill with new water before treatment.

Can I use it with metal?

It can be used with every metal except Iron. Our customers commonly use it with their metal fountains or with things like aluminum tubing. It can be used with bronze, gold, copper, aluminnum, steel, etc.