How It Works

The safe, natural water clarifier.

Treat It With Copper

The secret to ICC Water Clarifier is in the active ingredient: copper. But what’s so special about copper? It kills algae by binding to it, which damages algae cells and in turn kills them. This means that ICC Water Clarifier is perfect for controlling an environment overrun with algae and protecting it from any future algae.

The copper in ICC Water Clarifier is already fully dissolved and is controlled by demand. You can apply it directly to your water and simply let it do the work. It will rapidly self-disperse through the body of water to which it is applied without mixing, making it perfect for any water feature, even ones with static water.

Natural and Eco-Friendly

Clearing you water with ICC Water Clarifier means using the natural element copper. It does not contain any dyes of any kind or harsh chemicals. When applied it keeps your water clear, which in turn means replacing your water less often and conserving water.

Safety First

Using copper to kill algae might sound scary at first. If it kills algae won’t it kill everything else? The answer is no. ICC Water Clarifier is special in that it contains enough copper to kill what you don’t want while still being safe for everything you do want. It is safe for animals, including your pets and birds that come to enjoy your water. It is safe for plants that you may have nearby your water features. It is even safe for human contact, so you can still touch the water in your water feature. Accidentally got some ICC Water Clarifier on your hand from applying it? Simply wash your hands and with soap and water. 

Unfortunately, there are some things that ICC Water Clarifier cannot be used with. This list contains living things that call water their home. With the extended exposure to copper, they slowly get sick and eventually die. ICC Water Clarifier is not safe to use with aquatic animals, like fish and turtles. It is also not to be used with aquatic plants.